Greek – US English Death certificates translation

Death certificate translation from Greek <> English – Easy as 1-2-3

If your loved one passed away recently, and he or she owned property in Greece or was receiving pension from Greece, you will need to notify the Greek authorities of their death, so that the transfer of ownership of the property can take effect.

If your loved one passed away in Greece, and did live part of his / her life in the United States (regardless of citizenship status) you will need to notify the United States authority of his/her death. If you loved one passed away in the United States, most likely the funeral director will notify the agencies involved. However, if your loved one died in Greece, you will have to notify the Social Security Administration on your own. They will require you to provide them with a translated and certified Death Certificate. The National Funeral Directors Association has created a list of all the company and agencies that should be notified.

Greek – US English Marriage licenses translation

Marriage license translation – Easy as 1-2-3

Some people opt out for the option to get their marriage license stateside and merely have the officiant sign off on the marriage license.

The marriage license has to be translated from English into Greek and certified by Apostille if it is to be used in Greece.

When you bring the marriage license back to the United States you will need to register it with your local registrar.


Apostilles from the State of N.Dakota

Secretary of State’s Office
Attn: Notary Department
PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0080

For requests by overnight mail, the street address is:

450 N 4th Street
Boise ID 83702

(208) 332-2810

Examples of documents that can get an Apostille certification from the State of North Dakota:

  • birth or death certificates
  • marriage licenses
  • divorce decrees
  • school transcripts
  • school diplomas or degrees